• Five New Sheets of Active Fault Map in Urban Area Are Made Publicly Available
Last Updated : December 7, 2016

Five New Sheets of Active Fault Map in Urban Area Are Made Publicly Available

Revealing Detailed Locations of Active Faults in Morimoto-Togashi Fault Zone, Ayasegawa Fault, Nagisen Fault Zone (Yamasaki Fault Zone) and Kikugawa Fault Zone


Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) has developed five new sheets of Active Fault Map in Urban Area and released them on November 10, 2016. The map sheets newly available are: “TSURUGI”: Morimoto-Togashi Fault Zone* and the vicinity in Ishikawa Prefecture; “KONOSU”: Ayasegawa Fault* and the vicinity in Saitama Prefecture; “TSUYAMA-TOBU”: Nagisen Fault Zone (Yamasaki Fault Zone*) and the vicinity in Okayama Prefecture; “SHIMONOSEKI-HOKUBU”and “UBE”: Kikugawa Fault Zone and the vicinity in Yamaguchi Prefecture.
(Faults or fault zones with “*”are the faults, part of which had already been compiled and released in other sheets of the map series.)


In the wake of the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake of January 1995, GSI launched preparation of information on detailed active fault locations for nationwide major active fault zones and related information such as landform structure, as part of the Japanese Government's measures for earthquake research promotion. This information has been released as “1:25,000 scale Active Fault Map in Urban Area” (hereinafter referred to as “Active Fault Map in Urban Area”.)

Method and purpose

For developing Active Fault Map in Urban Area, GSI has identified active faults by aerial photo interpretation, etc. and depicted their detailed locations and the directions of fault slip onto Digital Topographic Map 25000.
Active Fault Map in Urban Area is hoped to be utilized by national and local governments as basic materials for disaster prevention and mitigation, such as local disaster prevention planning and making hazard maps, as well as for appropriate development and conservation of local areas.   
Findings and details of the respective surveys for the five newly released maps are available from the following attachments.

Accompanying documents

Active Fault Map in Urban Area is available at the webpage below.
http://www.gsi.go.jp/bousaichiri/active_fault.html (in Japanese)