Crustal Deformation Research Past Research Projects

Past Research Projects

  • Study on crustal deformation incorporating effect of topography and crustal structure
    (2016-2019) [Proposal [PDF: 2.57MB]](in Japanese) [Evaluation](in Japanese)
  • Study on spatially detailed detection of temporal variation in ground surface displacement by InSAR time series analysis
    (2014-2018) [Proposal [PDF: 2.17MB]](in Japanese) [Evaluation](in Japanese)
  • Development of a monitoring system of interplate coupling based on nationwide crustal defromation data
    (2014-2016) [Proposal [PDF: 1.43MB]](in Japanese) [Evaluation](in Japanese)
  • Study on estimation of interplate coupling and its temporal change
    (2011-2013) [Proposal [PDF: 575KB](in Japanese) [Evaluation [PDF: 2.96MB](in Japanese)
  • Research on detectability for crustal activity events based on geodetic observations
    (2011-2013) [Proposal [PDF: 493KB]](in Japanese) [Evaluation [PDF1: 4.25MB][PDF2: 3.04MB]](in Japanese)
  • Study on the characteristics of crustal deformation in a strain concentration zone
    (2010-2014) [Proposal [PDF: 691KB]](in Japanese) [Evaluation [PDF1: 2.89MB][PDF2: 4.71MB][PDF3: 867KB]](in Japanese)
  • Study on high utilization of SAR interferograms for accurate and early detection of crustal deformations
    (2008-2010) [Proposal [PDF: 499KB]](in Japanese) [Evaluation [PDF: 3.71MB]](in Japanese)
  • Study on advancement of the mechanism of crustal activities in Japan islands
    (2008-2010) [Proposal [PDF: 262KB]](in Japanese) [Evaluation[PDF: 1.34MB]](in Japanese)
  • Research on development of the instant method to estimate an earthquake fault model for urgent disaster information
    (2007-2009) [Proposal [PDF: 392KB]](in Japanese) [Evaluation [PDF: 84KB]](in Japanese)
  • Research on optimization of observation network for volcanic deformation and monitoring
    (2005-2007) [Proposal](in Japanese) [Evaluation [PDF: 24KB]](in Japanese)
  • Study on the characteristics of crustal deformation along the Japan and Kuril trench
    (2005-2007) [Proposal](in Japanese) [Evaluation [PDF: 32KB]](in Japanese)
  • Study on the characteristics of crustal deformation around Tonankai and Nankai region
    (2003-2005) [Proposal](in Japanese)  [Evaluation [PDF: 97KB]](in Japanese)
  • Study on optimization of numeral crustal deformation models relating to seismic and volcanic activities
    (2003-2005) [Proposal](in Japanese)  [Evaluation [PDF: 96KB]](in Japanese)
  • Study to improve the monitoring methods of the crustal deformation in Tokai region
    (2002-2004) [Proposal](in Japanese)  [Evaluation [PDF: 99KB]](in Japanese)
  • Study to estimate the temporal change of interplate coupling in anticipated forcal area of Miyagi-Ken-Oki earthquake
    (2002) [Proposal](in Japanese) [Evaluation](in Japanese)

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