Welcome to GSI

Welcome to GSI

Welcome to GSI
The Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) is the national organization that conducts basic survey and mapping and instructs related organizations to clarify the conditions of land in Japan and that provides the results of surveys to help improve this land.

GSI Activities

About GSI

Organization Chart, Location etc.


Policy Planning

Survey Act, Long Term Plan, NSDI Act of Japan etc.

Public Survey

Procedures of Public Survey


Geodetic Survey

Control Point, Leveling, VLBI, GEONET etc.

Maps & Geospatial Information

Map Varieties, Price and Order, Gazetteer etc.


Disaster Measures

Active Fault Map in Urban Area, Volcano Maps etc.

Research & Development

Geography and Crustal Dynamics Research Center , Bulletin etc.


International Activities

Training Courses, Global Mapping etc.

The Science Museum of Map & Survey

Exhibition Hall, Information Service Hall, Earth Plaza


Terms of Use

Geospatial Information Authority of Japan Website Terms of Use