Last Updated : October 31, 2014

Update seamlessly connected Fundamental Geospatial Data around the whole of Japan


  Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) has seamlessly connected Fundamental Geospatial Data by integrating the FGD with two different levels of accuracy that has been provided, and accordingly, from July 31st, GSI has started to provide Fundamental Geospatial Data with updated content.


  • Fundamental Geospatial Data (FGD) is digital map data that is a standard for determining the positions of geospatial information in electronic maps, as provided for in the Basic Act on the Advancement of Utilizing Geospatial Information (Law No. 63 of 2007), and can be obtained and used by everyone free of charge through the Internet.
  • GSI maintains and provides 10 FGD items. Taking into account user convenience, GSI has seamlessly connected FGD by integrating the two accuracy classifications in which individual files were provided (accuracy of map with 1/2,500 scale in urban planning areas, and accuracy of map with 1/25,000 scale outside urban planning areas), having carried out a full update including updates of newly opened expressways and other important facilities, and has started to provide FGD from July 31st.
  • The FGD is used as background maps for the information-providing maps of local government offices, etc., and also used to improve the accuracy of road maps, etc. Furthermore, updates will be made four times a year, and the next update is scheduled for October.

10 FGD items

 Geodetic Control Point; Coastline; Administrative Boundary (town level; with a point in each polygon); Road Edge; Railroad Track Centerline; Elevation (ground surface point where the elevation is known); Shoreline; Building Outline; Community Boundary (with a point in each polygon); Street Block Boundary (with a point in each polygon)


FGD can be downloaded from the following website.
   Website providing FGD (Japanese only):

Some files are available in PDF format. To view PDF files, Adobe System's free "Adobe Reader" software must be installed. Please visit the following link to download the free software.