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  • Release of “Topographic Maps and Aerial Photographs, etc. of the Antarctic” from GSI’s Homepage
Last Updated : March 19, 2014

Release of “Topographic Maps and Aerial Photographs, etc. of the Antarctic” from GSI’s Homepage


 From March 18, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) starts to provide from its homepage topographic maps, aerial photographs, satellite images, and results of control point survey, etc. that have been accumulated through the Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition to date (see Note 1).
 On the “Antarctic Geospatial Data” homepage that is newly opened to the public, everyone can browse or download topographic maps and aerial photographs, etc. of the Antarctic, which are expected to deepen understanding of the Antarctic and be used as fundamental materials for ascertaining global environmental changes, etc.

“Antarctic Geospatial Data” homepage

“Antarctic Geospatial Data” homepage newly opened to the public
URL:  http://antarctic.gsi.go.jp/index-e.html
Also linked from the following homepage:

Note 1

 The Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (JARE) is a national program centered at the National Institute of Polar Research with cooperation from other related organizations.
Since the first Japanese Antarctic Research Expedition (1956), GSI has dispatched personnel regularly to JARE and has contributed through geodetic observations, that are basic observations (routine observations) which GSI is responsible for, including control point survey, leveling, gravity and magnetic survey, continuous GNSS (GPS) observation, and creation of topographic maps using aerial photogrammetry, maintaining an Antarctic reference framework and scientific and fundamental information.