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  • Presented at the AGU Fall Meeting 2018(10-14 Dec. 2018@Wasignton DC, USA.).
    • 【TP201810-2】Takayuki Nakano*, Hiroshi Une, Hiroshi P. Sato(Nihon Univ.), Keitaro Komura(CRIEPI), Hiroshi Yagi(Yamagata Univ.): Geomorphological and geological characteristics of triggered surface faults associated with 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake sequence around the northwest of the outer rim of the Aso caldera, southwestern Japan
    • 【TP201810-1】Iwahashi, J.*, Yamazaki, D.(Tokyo Univ.), Herrick, J.(USGS), Yong, A.(USGS), Matsuoka, M. (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Nakano, T., Mital, U.(Caltech), Savvaidis, A.(Texas Univ.): Development of terrain classifications as a proxy to estimate VS30.
  • Presented at the12th Joint Meeting of the UJNR Panel on Earthquake Research(24-26 Oct.@Kumamoto, Japan).
    • 【TP201807】Takayuki Nakano*, Hiroshi Une, Hiroshi P. Sato(Nihon Univ.), Satoshi Fujiwara:Crustal deformation of the 2016 Kumamoto earthquake sequence (4) ―Geomorphological and geological settings of triggered surface ruptures―(Abstract of 【TP201807】 [PDF: 512KB]
  • Presented at the Geomorphometry2018(5th International Conference of the International Society of Geometry;13-17 Aug. 2018@Boulder, USA).【TP201803】Junko Iwahashi*, Takayuki Nakano, Dai yamazaki(Tokyo Univ.):Classificaion of topography in artifically modofied alluval plans using DEMs.
  • Poster was presented at the 2017 AGU Fall Meeting (American Geophysical Union Autumn Meeting; December 11-15, 2017 @ New Orleans).
    • 【TP201707】Junko Iwahashi*, Dai Yamazaki (Tokyo Univ./JAMSTEC), Masashi Matsuoka (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Patcharavadee Thamarux (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Julie Herrick (USGS), Alan Yong (USGS), Utkarsh Mital (Caltech):Global terrain classification using Multiple-Error-Removed Improved-Terrain (MERIT) to address susceptibility of landslides and other geohazards(Abstract of 【TP201707】
  • Poster was presentedt the 2016 AGU Fall Meeting (American Geophysical Union Autumn Meeting; December 12-16, 2016 @ San Francisco)
    • 【TP201614】Junko Iwahashi*, Masashi Matsuoka (Tokyo Inst. Tech.), Alan Yong (USGS): A framework for global terrain classification using 250-m DEMs to predict geohazards.(Abstract of 【TP201614】
  • Oral presentation was given at ISPRS 23rd Congress (23rd International Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing Society: July 12-19, 2016 @ Prague, Czech Republic).
    • 【TP201607】 Nakano, T*., Wada, K., Yamanaka, M., Kamiya, I. and Nakajima, H.:Precursory Slope Deformation Around Landslide Area Detected By InSAR Throughout Japan.[Abstract of TP201607 PDF:1MB]
  • Poster was presented at ICC (International Cartographic Conference) 2015 (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) (August 23-28, 2015)
    • 【TP201506】Izumi Kamiya, Takayuki Nakano*, Kosei Otoi, Hidetoshi Nakajima :Construction of Real-time Inference System for Key Hazard Extent Distribution on the Ground caused by Earthquakes (RISKHEDGE).
  • It was announced jointly at INQUA 2015.(Nagoya: July 26-August 2, 2015)
    • 【TP201504-1】Mamoru Koarai(College of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism)*, Takayuki Nakano, Hiroshi Une, Takaki Okatani (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology): Detection of ground deformation arisen from active faulting and folding using InSAR.
    • 【TP201504-2】Nozomi Iso (Seinan Gakuin Univ.)*, Takahito Kuroki (Fukuoka Univ. of Education), Kensuke Goto (Osaka Kyoiku Univ.), Tatsuroh Soh (Shigakukan Univ.), Keisuke Kuroda (Seinan Gakuin Univ.), Hiroshi Une, Hiroshi P Sato (Nihon Univ.), Koji Sango (G. I. A. of Japan), Takayuki Nakano, Shinzaburo Hori (Disaster Prevention Technology Company), Tetsurou Okuno (Disaster Prevention Technology Company), Masaya Ogura: (Disaster Prevention Technology Company), Kitao Nakajima (Disaster Prevention Technology Company), Kunihiko Endo (Nihon Univ.): Character of the Hiroshima Debris Flow Disaster and its Evaluation of the Slope Instability Occurred on Aug. 20. 2014, Hiroshima City, Western Japan.
  • Oral presentation was given at the 2014 Interim Symposium of ISPRS Section 8 (Hyderabad, India).
  • 【TP201409】We participated in the 10th Joint Meeting of UJNR Panel on Earthquake Research and conducted a field trip.[UJNR](October 14-16, 2014)
  • We gave an oral presentation at ACIT2014.
    • 【TP201407】Spatial Distribution Characteristic of Archaeological Ruins with Land Liquefaction Vestiges Analyzed by GIS - A Case in Niigata Prefecture, Japan-. : Takayuki Nakano*, Hideo Sakai(University of Toyama), Manabu Kato (Niigata Archaeological Artifacts Research Association)(September 1, 2014)
  • 【TP201406】Moon topographic maps have been selected as one of CNN's "10 beautiful moon maps through the ages" (external link) (July 29, 2014)