Last Updated : March 2, 2023

Brief Overview of the GSI

Mission of GSI

  As the nation’s foremost map-making organization, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI ) is promoting the development, updating and promotion of geospatial information in adherence with the Survey Act and the Basic Act on the Advancement of Utilizing Geospatial Information, and is making a continuous effort toward the realization of a “geospatially enabled society” where geospatial information can be available and utilized by anyone, at anytime, anywhere.

The Long-Term Plan for Basic Surveys

  In order to meet the requirements of society’s changing environment with rapidly progressing technology and natural disasters like the Great East Japan Earthquake, “the Long-Term Plan for Basic Surveys” (April 9, 2014) based on the Survey Act, focuses on two main strategies (“capacity building for development and utilization of geospatial information on national level” and “promotion of distribution and utilization of publicly owned geospatial information for creation of new industries and improvement of citizens’ wellbeing”), to contribute to the safety and security of the people and improvement of citizens’ wellbeing through the following measures.

Specific Measures
  1. GSI proactively develops and provides geospatial information in disaster prevention field as a foothold, and improves the capacity of development and utilization of geospatial information on a national level.
  2. GSI creates an environment for the seamless availability of geospatial information, as well as the effective development of various geospatial information and the easy distribution and utilization of geospatial information owned by administrative bodies, etc.
  3. GSI promotes the development and utilization of geospatial information through a wide range of domestic and international collaborations.

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