Exhibition Hall

Exhibition Hall

Summary of the Exhibition Hall

The Science Museum of Map and Survey-1

The Exhibition Hall consists of Permanent Exhibition Room and Special Exhibition Room on the second floor,and Map Gallery and Orientation Room on the first floor.

The Entrance Hall has a double-height structure,and there you can enjoy the cubic diagram of the Japanese archipelago and the ocean area around Japan by using special glasses.

Photograph:Map Gallery

In the Map Gallery, visitors can find a large variety of maps published by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, and can get information on new publications, events, and so on.

Photograph:Orientation Room-1
In the Orientation Room, visitors can enjoy a variety of video programs of maps and surveys shown on a wide screen (130inches).

Photograph:Orientation Room-2
At the entrance of the Orientation Room, visitors can view the "TOUCHizu"(Touching chizu=map). With this browsing sysytem, visitors are able to manipulate the view of aerial photograph and map freely(move, zoom and rotation) by touching a monitor.

In the shop, various maps including topographical maps, books, geography goods, etc. are sold.