Permanent Exhibition Room

Permanent Exhibition Room

Permanent Exhibition Room introduces wide-ranging, in depth, and fascinating activities of map and survey.
Through panels, videos, PC demonstrations and other exhibitions, you may have better understanding and knowledge of map and survey.


Facing The Earth

Survey technology has clarified the land and the earth and has enlightened us on the crustal movement of the earth.

  • History of Surveying
  • Call from the Earth
  • Latest Survey Technology
  • Measuring the Earth .... etc.
Photograph:History of Surveying

History of Surveying
The exhibition panels show the history of surveying, from the birth of survey techniques in ancient times to the development of today’s cutting-edge survey technology.

Photograph:Plate Tectonics

Plate Tectonics
The oceanic plate slides underneath the continental plate, it is said that they are caused by the repulsion force created when the tip of the oceanic plate is engulfed into the subduction zone and then eventually set back.

Facing Information

Maps have been created for depicting a round globe on flat surfaces, expressing their ways of life from generation to generation.

  • Estimating Distances with Eyes
  • Antique Maps
  • 3D Virtual Map
  • CD-ROM Challenge
  • Stereoplotter .... etc.

Stereoplotters are machines that are used to create topographic maps from aerial photographs.

Photograph:Antique Maps

Antique Maps

Facing Our Life

Maps represent our lives, and have been used to preserve our beautiful national lands and environment.

  • GSI Web
  • GIS .... etc.
Photograph:GSI Web