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GEONET (GNSS Earth Observation Network System)

  Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) operates GNSS-based control stations that cover Japanese archipelago with over 1,300 stations at an average interval of about 20km for crustal deformation monitoring and GNSS surveys in Japan.
  The observation data collected at each station are open for public and private uses in Japan, and RINEX data with 30 second interval are provided through the Internet. They are also available for foreign researchers under the following terms. If you would like to access the data, please fill in the application form below including your PC's IP address and send it to gsi-dataprov_1[at] We will let you know how to get the data through ftp.

Terms of service of GSI's GNSS stations data

 Use of this service is subject to compliance with the terms of use as below.

1. Purpose of this service

 This service is intended to provide users with the observational data collected at GNSS-based control stations operated by Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) and related data through the Internet.

2. Limitation of use

 Follow the "Geospatial Information Authority of Japan Website Terms of Use"

3. Content of service
  • (1) In this service, you can download the GNSS-based control stations data free of charge. However, the communication expenses should be borne by the user.
  • (2) Contact point regarding this service: gsi-dataprov_1[at]
4. Others
  • (1) Please note that GSI cannot bear any responsibility of user’s troubles caused by the quality or loss of data from GNSS-based control stations.
  • (2) To avoid excessive data traffic, it is prohibited to download large amount of data just for collecting data, or to use a data crawler to download data.
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  GSI provides the RINEX data from April 1, 2010 and daily coordinates from 1996 online. The following data are also available from private sectors with some fees.

Contact Us

Geodetic Observation Center, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan
E-mail : gsi-dataprov_1[at]