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Participation in international conference

GSI participates in various international conferences on survey and mapping organized by United Nations and other international organs as the representative of the Government of Japan.

United Nations Committee of Experts on Global Geospatial Information Management(UNCE-GGIM)

UNCE-GGIM is a formal inter-governmental mechanism under the United Nations to discuss, enhance and coordinate Global Geospatial Information Management activities by involving Member States at the highest level as key participants. GSI participates in the Conference representing the Japanese government.

5th Session of the UNCE-GGIM (Aug. 2015, New York, USA)

United Nations Regional Cartographic Conference for Asia and the Pacific(UNRCC-AP)

The conference was formed based on the advice of the United Nations Economic and Social Council, and it is an intergovernmental conference sponsored by United Nations to promote the enhancement of survey and mapping activity which is essential for the development and conservation of national land in Asia and the Pacific region. The GSI participates in this conference on behalf of Japanese Government.

20th Session of the UNRCC-AP (Oct 2015, Jeju Island, Republic of Korea)

United Nations Conference on the Standardization of Geographical Names(UNCSGN)

The Conference is committed to provide a forum to encourage national and international geographical names standardization including feature names of both land and sea across the national boundaries, and to adopt unified romanization system and definitions of terms related with geographical names. GSI participates in the Conference representing the Japanese government.

ISO/TC 211 (Standardization of Geographic Information)

It is one of the technical commissions of International Organization for Standardization (ISO) to establish an international standards for geographic information. The GSI participates in the meeting as a Japanese representative and contributes to the development of the international standard that is indispensable for the promotion and dissemination of GIS.

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