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Vertical Crustal Movements in the Coastal Areas of Japan Estimated from Tidal Observations

Shinzaburo OZAWA,Manabu HASHIMOTO and Takashi TADA


1. Introduction
2. Data
3. Analytical procedure
4. Result
    4.1 Subsidence of the Pacific coastal line from Hokkaido through southern Tohoku
    4.2 The Kanto region and the Miura peninsula
    4.3 The Izu peninsula and the Tokai regin
    4.4 The Kii peninsula and southern Shikoku Island
    4.5 Subsidence of stations in the Seto Inland Sea
    4.6 Kyushu
    4.7 The coastal line along the sea of Japan
    4.8 Coseismic displacements from large earthquakes
5. Discussion and summary

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