Last Updated : July 31, 2014

Single-sheet map showing entire territory of Japan updated

Latest information applied to "1:5,000,000 map of Japan and its surroundings"


  The map of “1:5,000,000 map of Japan and its surroundings” shows on a single sheet (size: 109.1cm (w) x 78.8cm (h), 9-color printing) the entire territory of Japan, including the main remote islands constituting Japan. This map can be utilized widely in society and schools for correct understanding of the present state of Japanese territory.
 The map published to date was produced in 2010, but following on from the nation-wide maintenance of the Digital Japan Basic Map (geospatial data) in February of this year, the map has now been updated to adopt the latest information regarding important facilities such as expressways that have newly come into use in various places, including the Shin-Tomei Expressway and Metropolitan Inter-City Expressway, and the newly opened Kyushu Shinkansen and Tohoku Shinkansen, which are reflected in the Digital Japan Basic Map (geospatial data).
 In this update, areas outside the territory of Japan remain the same as in the map that was issued in 2010.
 The map is a single sheet priced at 823 yen (tax incl.) and can be purchased at major map-stocking bookstores nation-wide.


 Document: “1:5,000,000 map of Japan and its surroundings” (reduced edition) [JPG 3.1MB]
*Note that expanded maps of east, west, south and north end are shown for documentary use


 Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) website: Maps and aerial photographs/Publications on maps and aerial photographs, etc. (in Japanese)