Last Updated : July 18, 2014

Map symbols determined for places of refuge, etc.


 Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) has decided on new map symbols for easy-to-understand indication of emergency evacuation sites and places of refuge designated on GSI Maps (maps distributed by GSI over the Internet) based on the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act, which was revised last year.
 Going forwards, GSI will gather information relating to location and classification of places of refuge, etc., and will publish these sequentially in GSI Maps.


 In 2013 the Disaster Countermeasures Basic Act was partially revised, and it was decided that from April 2014 the emergency evacuation sites and places of refuge (hereinafter “places of refuge, etc.”) in cities, towns, and villages would be newly designated and updated. Emergency evacuation sites are to be established for each disaster classification.
 Accordingly, GSI will collaborate with the Cabinet Office (Disaster Prevention) to obtain longitude and latitude information for places of refuge, etc. and will make this information widely available for inspection and utilization in GSI Maps and the Cabinet Office’s Disaster Management Information System, etc.

 When making its decisions, GSI took opinions from experts and ordinary citizens alike regarding the symbols to be displayed. Having referred to these opinions in its considerations, GSI decided on the map symbols for places of refuge, etc. as explained in enclosures 1 and 2.

 This will help local residents by making it possible to check at any time the locations of nearby places of refuge, etc. on the maps, and will help disaster prevention organizations to provide quick support in times of disaster.

 From now on, efforts will be made to ensure the wide use of the map symbols determined for places of refuge, etc., and not only in GSI Maps.

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