Last Updated : June 6, 2014

New “Long-Term Plan for Basic Survey” formulated

- Aims to improve ability to develop and apply geospatial information, and promote distribution and application of geospatial information


 Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI) has formulated a new “Long-Term Plan for Basic Survey” (“Long-Term Plan”) aimed at the realization of a new society through application of geospatial information such as survey results, and announced as a notification of the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism dated April 9th, this new Long-Term Plan has also been published on the GSI homepage.


 The Long-Term Plan establishes a plan for basic surveys as the foundation of all surveys (public surveys conducted by the State and public organizations, etc.) based on Article 12 of the Survey Act. Since formulating the first Plan in 1953, new Plans have been settled on about once every 10 years, with the previous Long-Term Plan having covered the period from FY 2009 until FY 2018.

 However, after formulating this Plan, there have been changes in social and social needs such as the items outlined below:

  • Increasing awareness of disaster prevention based on the experience of the Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster
  • Progress of the implementation of survey technology based on the start of use of the Quasi-Zenith Satellites System, etc.
  • Formulation of open data strategy and decisions on new government policy related to disaster prevention, etc.
  • Expansion of the range of application of geospatial information in fields connected to creation of new industry and improvement of convenience for citizens, such as support for the construction of big data and three-dimensional geographic information, etc.

 Additionally, future issues were clarified by means of the FY 2013 policy review conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism. GSI has formulated a new Long-Term Plan covering the 10-year period from FY 2014 to FY 2023 with the aim of ensuring that basic surveys and various related measures support these needs and issues.

Main strategy

 The main strategy of the present Long-Term Plan has the following aims:
  1. Promotion on a nation-wide level of the improvement of ability to develop and apply geospatial information using the field of disaster prevention as a foothold
  2. To promote the distribution and application of geospatial information possessed by administrative organs, etc. in order to create new industry and improve convenience for citizens, etc.

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