Last Updated : April 8, 2014

3D models of all parts of Japan available for 3D printers


 On March 19th,2014, Geospatial Information Authority of Japan (GSI)opened a website titled “GSI Maps 3D” where anyone can easily view 3D maps of all parts of Japan, in tandem with the existing web map site titled “GSI Maps”.



  • Maps available “GSI Maps” can be viewed in 3D through web browser, and these maps can be printed, or materialized as read 3D models, using 3D printers. 
  • Users an intuitively understand topography, and various applications are expected to emerge.
  • To date, GSI has published basic national information as 1:25,000 topographic maps and Digital Topographic Maps 25000, etc. while opening to public via the “GSI Maps” website. These topographic maps, etc. show topography using contour lines on flat surfaces, which required a certain level of interpretation ability in order to understand the topography.
  • A website called “GSI Maps 3D” has now been created to provide a new form of 3D display of “GSI Maps”, enabling intuitive understanding of topography.
  • This website uses map data (GSI Tiles) and elevation data (Elevation Tiles) provided from “GSI Maps”, enabling anyone to simply rotate and view maps of all parts of Japan on the Web. Going forward, it is expected that 3D topographic maps will be used in various scenes, such as in school education, etc., as well as for management of social capital and for disaster prevention work.
  • GSI Maps 3D” website address (in Japanese)

Some files are available in PDF format. To view PDF files, Adobe System's free "Adobe Reader" software must be installed. Please visit the following link to download the free software.