Download site for the automated terrain classification map using SRTM 30

Original article

Junko Iwahashi and Richard J. Pike (2007)
Automated classifications of topography from DEMs by an unsupervised nested-means algorithm and a three-part geometric signature, Geomorphology, 86, 409-440.

If you intend to use the data for a publication, please cite the above paper, Iwahashi and Pike (2007).

Downloading place of data

automated terrain classification map using SRTM 30

GIF images

Please see above image and click on below filenames to download GIF images.
NW.gif (6.93 MB)
NE1.gif (11.0 MB)
NE2.gif (4.25 MB)
SW.gif (4.64 MB)
SE.gif (6.67 MB)
(Data spacing: 1 km; map projection: Robinson; central meridian: 0)

Original GIS data in ArcGIS grid format

Please get the original GIS data in ArcGIS grid format. (38MB)
120E-centered for Asia and Oceania (38MB)
40E-centered for Europe and Africa (38MB)
80W-centered for America(38MB)
(Data spacing: 1Km; map projection : Robinson)


Please get the legend.

PDF file

Please get the A4 size PDF file.
Europe and Africa Robinson; central meridian: 40E (10.7 MB)
Asia and Oceania Robinson; central meridian: 120E (17.8 MB)
North and South America Robinson; central meridian: 80W (24.2 MB)

Program and the kernel file

Please get the program and the kernel file for automated classification of topography using a DEM in Arc/INFO GRID format.
ACT.aml (Arc Workstation AML)
laplacian.ker (kernel file of the Laplacian filter)