Research summary


Izumi Kamiya (2007) Geometric Characteristics of the Early Products of ALOS PRISM. Bulletin of the Geographical Survey Institute, vol.54, pp.75-82. [Author's manuscript]

Izumi Kamiya (2006) Development of Orientation and DEM/Orthoimage Generation Program for ALOS PRISM. ACRS 2006 CD-ROM Proceedings, M-6. [Author's manuscript]

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Enhancement of PRISM image

Software to improve PRISM image. JPEG noise will be reduced.
The algorithm and source files were published on this website after the paper was submitted. (Currently, we have not confirmed the operation guarantee accompanying the OS version upgrade. If you want to use the program etc. after understanding it, (= is set to @) Please contact us.)

This is an example of application to sample data published on the RESTEC website.

(Left) Before application (Middle) Correction of CCD sensitivity and odd-even pixel sensitivity (Right) Further reduction of JPEG noise [
Zoom image]


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