Last Updated : March 31, 2016

Information Service Hall

The information Service Hall offers browsing and delivering service of the transcript of vast survey results and documents created by the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan. Anyone can browse the survey results of control points and aerial photographs.
image:Information Service Hall

Opening hours

  • Hours  :9:00 a.m.-5:00 p.m.
  • Holidays:Saturdays, Sundays, National Holidays, New Year’s holidays (December 29-January 3)

Information available through browsing/transcript-delivering service

Following information is available for browsing and its transcript is delivered (as of March 31, 2015). For further detail, please inquire in person at the Information Service Hall.
Browsing and delivering service of the transcript of nationwide survey results became available at all regional survey departments as of April 13, 2015.
Type of control points Number of points
GNSS-based control stations and descriptions about 1,300 points
Triangulation station data and descriptions about 110,000 points
Benchmark data and descriptions about 17,000 points
Public control point data and descriptions about 603,000 points
Type of maps Number of sheets
Topographic maps, Regional maps about 66,000 sheets
National large scale maps about 15,000 sheets
Thematic maps about 3,000 sheets
Public survey maps about 74,000 sheets

Digital Maps

※ Only for browsing
  • Digital Topographic Maps 200000
  • Digital Topographic Maps 25000
  • Digital Map(Basic Geospatial Information 200000)
  • Digital Map(Basic Geospatial Information)
  • Digital Map 25000(Land Condition)
  • Base Maps for Disaster Restoration Planning
  • Digital Map 5000000 (Integration)
  • Digital Map 25000 (Map Image)
  • Digital Map 50000 (Map Image)
  • Digital Map 200000 (Map Image)
  • Digital Map 250 m Grid (Elevation)
  • Digital Map 10 m Grid (Elevation of Active Volcanos)
  • Other Digital Maps published in the past
※ Only for browsing
Type of photographs Number of sheets
Monochrome Aerial Photographs by GSI about 461,000 sheets
Color Aerial Photographs by GSI about 730,000 sheets
Monochrome Aerial Photographs by the former organization of GSI about 19,000 sheets
Monochrome Aerial Photographs by U.S. Army
just after World War II
about 147,000 sheets