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Bulletin of the GSI (Vol.52)

  • The Long-Term Plan for Basic Survey

  • Towards the Realization of Geo-Referencing Infrastructure for Dynamic Japan (GRID-Japan)

  • Development and Utilization of High Precision Digital Elevation Data taken by Airborne Laser Scanner
    • Osamu AKUTSU, Masataka OHTA, Tamio ISOBE Hisamitsu ANDO, Takahiro NOGUCHI and Masayuki SHIMIZU

  • Landslide Susceptibility Mapping of the Kuchisakamoto Area, Central Japan using DTM from Airborne LIDAR

  • Geomorphological Features of Avalanche Furrows in Heavy Snow Region in Japan
    • Tatsuo SEKIGUCHI, Hiroshi P. SATO and Kazuya AKIYAMA

  • A Table of Research and Development Projects at GSI (04.01.2003-03.31.2004)
    • Geographical Survey Institute                                    The full text   (PDF 358kb)

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