Former Terrain Model of Bandai Volcano just before the 1888 Collapse as Restored from Pre-collapse Map

Hiroko MIZUKOSHI, Mamoru KOARAI, Minoru HOSHINO, Tomoo OHTANI, Masaharu TSUZAWA and Toshio KITAHARA


1. Introduction
2.Restoration Process of Pre-collapse Map
  2.1 Pre-collapse map and restoration process
  2.2 Making raster data
  2.3 Making vector data
3. Making tertain analysis pictures
  3.1 Examples of tertain analysis pictures
  3.2 The method of making bird's-eye views A,B and C
  3.3 Slope classification
4. The result of restoration
5. Utilization of FdTM for geomorphological analysis
  5.1 Topographical measurement of collapsed volume
  5.2 Consideration of recent mass movements
  5.3 Pre-1888 collapse of northern side of Bandai Volcano
6. Concluding Remarks