Last Updated : January 14, 2014

Aerial photographs taken around Nishinoshima


  An eruption at sea was confirmed approximately 500m east-southeast of Nishinoshima at around 10:20 on November 10th, 2013, and at approximately 16:17 on the same day the formation of a new island was confirmed. Thereafter the area of the island carried on expanding as the new island eruption continued.
 Geospatial Information Authority of Japan(GSI) took aerial photographs around Nishinoshima on December 4th and December 17th and conducted photographic interpretation. GSI released these photographs and topographic interpretation map publicly.
  •  Photographs were taken by overlapping to provide a 3D understanding of the place. Analysis of these series of photographs showed that the highest elevation of the new island formed around Nishinoshima was approximately 27m as of December 4th and approximately 39m as of December 17th (reference values : see Attachment 2).
  •  The highest elevation point as of December 17th was approximately 26m move to south-southwest from the point of the December 4th. In addition, the volume of the new island above sea level was increased from approximately 300,000 cubic meters of December 4th to approximately 800,000 cubic meters.
 We also publicly released information gleaned from aerial photographic interpretation of topographic features of the new island, such as lava flows.

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