GSI copes with natural disasters

Based on various disaster-related information, GSI conducts surveys, researches and observations helpful to prevent natural disasters. When some disaster occurs, GSI speedily collects information on it as well as sets up a headquarter to cope with the situation as occasion demands. GSI carries out such works as emergent analyses of continuous observation data on crustal deformation and earth observation satellite data, post-disaster monitoring, restoration of control points and revision of topographic maps. The data obtained as a result of those works are promptly made available and released to organs concerned, the press as well as the general public, through the GSI home page. Some of the topics covered are:
  • The Earthquakes Nov.-Dec. 2004 at Kushiro/Nemuro-Offshore, in Hokkaido
  • The Mid Niigata pref. Earthquake in 2004
  • The Flood by Typhoon 23 in 2004 (J)
  • Asama Volcano, the 2004 Eruption (J)
  • The Flood in Fukui-pref. in 2004 (J)
  • The Flood in Niigata-pref. and Fukushima-pref. in 2004 (J)
  • 2003 Tokachi-oki Earthquake (J)
  • The Earthquake 26th July 2003 at northern Miyagi-pref. (J)
  • The Earthquake 26th May 2003 at Miyagi offshore (J)

(J): Main scripts are written in Japanese.

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