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Magnetic Survey : Outline


Magnetic Survey

Geomagnetic surveys are performed to realize the geomagnetic distribution in Antarctica. Surveys performed at control points in ice-free areas were from the 8th JARE (1966) to the 48th JARE (2007); surveys at sea from the 2nd JARE (1967) to the 9th JARE (1967); and aeromagnetic surveys from the 8th JARE (1966) to the 16th JARE (1974).

Total Magnetic Intensity observation with Proton magnetometer (48th JARE)

Using Fluxgate theodolite magnetometer (48th JARE)

Geomagnetic Chart

We created a geomagnetic chart in 1978 upon request by SCAR.

Data Format and Specification

Data Content

Magnetic survey Data

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