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The Mid Niigata prefecture Earthquakes in 2004: Field Report(1)

Released:09.11.2004 Last update:17.01.2005
SATO P. Hiroshi*, SEKIGUCHI Tatsuo**, SUZUKI Yoshinori***, and IIDA Makoto***
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Disaster (index) Map

Disaster (index) Map

Landslide dam at Terano, Yamakoshi Village.
The mass was carried away from left slope to right valley, and the river was dammed up.(Aerial photo)

There was the trace of muddy water at the cedar tree, whose location is "a" in the above image. It is surmised that the carried mass was fluidized at the end of the landslide.

Aerial Photo of Terano, on 28/11/2004

Landslide by the entrance of Haguro Tunnel.

Knnown Active Fault

Knnown Active Fault
Red line: Known active Ffults
Blue line: Lineament by photo-interpretation.
Red spot: Mainshock epicenter (23/10)
Pale-red spot: Aftershock epicenter ( 27/10)
A: Obiro Fault
B: Muikamachi Fault
D: Katagai Fault
E: Yamamotoyama Fault
F: Tokamachi-west Fault
G: Tokamachi-east Fault

* :Geographic Information Analysis Research Div., **: Research Planning Div., ***:Geographic Dept.
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