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Vol.43-2 ABSTRACT2


The nationwide GPS array has been operated by the Geodetic Observation Center since April, 1996. This network is designed both for crustal deformation monitoring and to serve as a highly precise geodetic network in the GPS age. This network has precisely monitored crustal deformation within several millimeters horizontally and several centimeters vertically. Most of the processing is carried our automatically.
 This network is the densest GPS array in the world. It consists of 610 observation sites, and data analysis center in GSI campus for daily processing. In this system, Bernese GAMIT, and GIPSY are all available.
 By March 1997, 276 new stations have been added, and furthermore, about 40 new stations will be added by March 1998. The new dense nationwide GPS array will bring us much more detailed information not only of crustal deformation but also of other geophysical phenomena such as water vapor distribution and its dynamics. Accumulation of the data will produce a seismic hazard map. Moreover, joint with meteorology will improve the precision and accuracy of GPS observation.

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